If You Build It, They Will Come

Religious School

Last year, after conducting a series of listening groups with our religious school families, our religious school committee decided it was time to pick two areas of focus for our 5779 school year. 

Strengthening Our Community
This year, the religious school committee has decided to create intentional opportunities and experiences to create meaningful connections among families, parents, and students in our religious school. Below are opportunities to connect with the religious school community:

  September 23
  Pancake Breakfast & First Day of School
  September 28  
  Sinai Family Shabbat Services and Dinner
  October 14
  Parent Coffee & Breakfast at Drop-off
  Sunday Speaker Series
  October 21  
  Parent Coffee and Breakfast at Drop-off
  November 18   
  Parent Program with the Rabbis followed by    
  Family Service
  December 7   
  Sinai Family Shabbat Services and Dinner

  More to come in 2019!

Second Sunday Lunches
One of the outcomes we learned from our listening groups and survey is that parents enjoy participating in hands-on social action experiences with their children. This year we have decided to make our Second Sunday Lunch program a community building experience. Each grade (parents and children) will have the opportunity to, together as a grade, make and pack lunches to be delivered to the Greater Bethlehem Healing Center. 

We hope that you and your family will participate in many of these opportunities and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Engaging High School Students

We have amazing, thoughtful, smart, kind youth at Sinai. And yet, outside of serving as additional opportunities for our high school students post Confirmation in 9th grade. 

This year will be different. Back in April, Rabbi Limmer and I sat down with our Madrichim, and we asked them, “Would you want more? What would you want?” 
“Real, deep learning”
“Volunteer opportunities”
“Time to hang out with each other, 
when we aren’t working”
“To stay connected”
“To continue to learn the basic stuff”

Our 5779 year will be a new experiment. We’ll not only have Confirmation for 9th graders and the opportunity to serve as a madrich/a. But we are adding and deepening what we offer. 

Madrichim (Teaching Assistant) Leadership Program
All 9-12th graders are eligible to apply to serve as teaching assistant in our religious school. This year, we’ve added a layer to this program; a leadership training component. Once a month, our high schoolers will meet as a cohort to develop their skills as a Jewish leader.

High School Learning
Learning doesn’t stop in 9th grade anymore. All 10-12th graders are invited to gather each Sunday for breakfast and learning. We will offer learning-driven electives taught by the rabbis and other teachers: you want to learn, we will teach!

Once a month, all 9-12th graders will be able to volunteer their time in a meaningful way to help better the world.

Social Programming
Over the course of the year, we’ll plan a few social events as well for our high school 

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