Reform Shabbat Services in Chicago

Shabbat Services – Friday, 6:15 PM

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Every Friday evening throughout the year, Shabbat Eve Services are held at 6:15 p.m., with Kiddush and Oneg immediately following services. Our choir provides beautiful music drawn from a wide variety of composers. Members and visitors who reside in or are visiting Chicago find this Shabbat Eve Service to be an uplifting and spiritual experience. Watch our Shabbat services live here

In December 2019 we dedicated our new Union Prayer Book III. 

To dedicate a prayerbook in honor, in memory, or in appreciation of a loved one,


Individual copies of our new UPB III can be purchased for your home bookshelf or as gift at


Shabbat Morning Prayer and Torah Study – Saturday 9:30AM

Rain or shine—holiday, Holy Day, or weekly Shabbat—members gather in the library to learn the many lessons of the weekly Torah portion. From one fall to the next, we make our way, portion by portion, from Genesis through Deuteronomy. Over the year, not only will we understand the many nuances of our Torah saga, but we will also connect more deeply with the forms of communal study through which Jews have always explored the many meanings of Torah.

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