Our Leadership

Sinai is fortunate to have many members who have stepped forward into positions of leadership. Executive Committee members and Board members set policy for the Temple, make personnel decisions, and, in general, work to strengthen Sinai internally and as a part of the Chicago community.

Executive Committee

Susan Lucas – President
Jessica Diamond – Vice President
Neal Kulick – Vice President
Midge Perlman-Shafton – Vice President
Jack Tovin – Vice President
Sarah Samuels Taylor – Secretary
Alan Tinsmon – Treasurer
Bruce Miller – Immediate Past President

Life Trustee

Kate T. Kestnbaum

Past Presidents

Donna Barrows
Peter B. Bensinger, Jr.
Henry Freund

Alec Harris
Stanley Jarrow
Michael Mannis
Bruce Miller 
Victoria Woolner Samuels
 Mark Segal
Bruce Stern
Errol Stone
Howard Sulkin
Jack D Tovin

Board of Trustees

Elaine Abramson
Philip Auerbach
Beryl Byman
Liz Darke
Jessica Diamond
Rachel Dvorken
David Garfield
David Ginsburg

Norman Hirsch
Barbara Jacobs
Ashley Jonas
Neal Kulick
Susan Leis
Susan Lucas
Josh Mangoubi
Kathleen Marks
Ben Meisner
Steven Meyers
Lauren Niimi-Mitzenmacher
Elaine Moss
Ted Naron
Grant Peters
Jill Peters
Adrienne Rainey

Larry Schor
Midge Perlman Shafton
Bruce Simons
Howard Tanzman
Jeremy Wolf
Alice Asch, Youth Representative

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