Collections & Contributions

“Open your hands to the poor and needy in your land” (Deuteronomy 15:11)



The Sinai Fund for Social Action (formerly Community Concerns) supports a variety of pressing issues in our own community.  

The majority of the funds collected, approximately 75%, goes to support the organizations we work with locally.  The fund helps pay for food,  school supplies, housing, home repairs, and mental health access for those who can not afford them on their own.  The fund supports the organizations we work with to reduce gun violence, reform the criminal justice system, and ensure the rights to all immigrants and refugees.   A portion of the fund, approximately 20%, goes to support the work of local, national, and international organizations whose work and values align with our own.  Organizations working to ensure equal treatment of all in our own country, liberal Jewish values in Israel, and human rights in the developing world.  A final portion of the fund is held to respond to emergencies, allowing our community to quickly make donations to help those recovering from natural disasters and emergencies. 

There are also projects with their own separate funds:
      • Blessings in a Backpack: Supports food going home each weekend with students from the Ogden/Jenner School who are food insecure at home.
      • Adopt a School: Supports a variety of projects at the Ogden/Jenner school, including scholarships, tutoring programs, and school supplies.
      • Refugee One: Supports working with refugee families who have recently immigrated to the Chicagoland area.

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High Holy Day Drive

During the High Holy Day season, we collect kosher canned goods which are donated to The Ark which provides free social and medical services to help distressed members of our Chicagoland Jewish family return to self-reliance.

Special Collection Drives

Throughout the year, in partnership with various organizations there we regularly collect specific clothing, food, or other goods.  Keep an eye on our regular communications to learn more about our special collection drives.

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