2023-2024 TOT SHABBAT

Fridays from 5:30-7:00pm

At Chicago Sinai Congregation, we want to make sure that your whole family can celebrate the Jewish High Holidays. Nothing is better than gathering with your family on Holy Days, although we know that sometimes it can be difficult to get everyone together. That’s especially true when you have young children. We know it can be difficult to get them out of the house for Shabbat services and other events.

That’s why we have Jewish family and children’s services that can accommodate your growing family. At Tot Shabbat, we tailor our services to your little ones. We make Shabbat so enjoyable that your kids will be asking to come back! 

What to Expect from Tot Shabbat Services

Our Tot Shabbat services take place every month or so. These events differentiate themselves from our typical Jewish family services in some key ways. Here’s a look at what you can expect when you bring your little ones to Tot Shabbat.

Livelier Services

We know that Shabbat services may not be the most exciting event for young children to attend. It can be hard to get them to pay attention during a quiet, reverent day at the synagogue. That’s why Tot Shabbat is a bit more lively than the typical day of worship. You can expect singing and music that will keep your little ones engaged. 

Dinner & Entertainment

Oftentimes after Shabbat services, we offer members of our congregation the opportunity to gather as a community for dinner and entertainment.

Kids Get to Learn the Basics

As your children recite prayers over candle lighting, challah and grape juice, they will also get the chance to learn more about Shabbat. They’ll learn about the basic prayers, symbols, and everything else they need to participate in future Jewish family services. 

Kids Get Accustomed to Their Surroundings

Kids also get accustomed to their surroundings when they come to Tot Shabbat services. We understand how difficult it can be to get some children to go somewhere new where they’re not comfortable yet. Tot Shabbat can help ease them into Shabbat services. Before you know it, Chicago Sinai Congregation might be one of their favorite places to go. Please keep an eye on our website for our schedule of children’s services and help them look forward to Shabbat every week.

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