Welcoming Jewish Congregation

Chicago Sinai Congregation is proudly committed to being a true House of Prayer for All People.

 Here, on any given Shabbat or occasion, our congregation reflects the rich tapestry of humanity: people of all ages, people of all races, people of diverse religious backgrounds, individuals possessing a wide range of physical ability, and people with a wide range of gender identities.  We feel it is important, given the unfortunate stance of too many religious institutions, to affirm publicly that we are a welcoming home for everyone in the LGBTQ community, to those families where not everyone identifies as Jewish, and to those in uncertain places on their spiritual journey.  We are constantly striving to learn how we as a community can provide the most meaningful welcome to every single human being created in the divine image.

Land Acknowledgement

Chicago Sinai Congregation sits on land that intersects with the aboriginal of several tribal nations: the Council of the Three Fires: the Potawatomi, Odawa, and Ojibwe Nations; the Illinois Confederacy: the Peoria and Kaskaskia Nations; and the Myaamis, Wea, Thakiwaki, and Meskwaki Nations. The Ho-Chunk, Menomineem, Kiikaapoi, and Mascouten Nations also call the region of northeast Illinois home. Indigineous people continue to live in this area and celebrate their traditional teachings and lifeways. As a Chicago institution, it is Sinai’s responsibility to acknowledge this historical context and build reciprocal relationships with the tribal nations whose lands we are situated. 

A House of Prayer for All Peoples

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