Jewish and Interfaith Relationships in Chicago

Interfaith Partnerships have been a hallmark of Chicago Sinai Congregation since our congregation was founded in 1861, and our close relationships with friends of other faiths play out in two linked yet distinct arenas.

Here at Chicago Sinai, we’ve made it our goal to tie together the Jewish community of Chicago. We host events, encourage gatherings, hold classes, and ensure that going to services isn’t the only way that you’re connecting with other Jewish people. That being said, we know that the community isn’t just made up of Jewish people.

That’s why we also focus on Interfaith relations. We do everything that we can to become a bigger part of the larger religious community of the city. That means we work with so many other houses of worship to hold events and connect so many people.

What are Interfaith Relations?

Interfaith relations are just what they sound like. It’s what we do to collaborate with houses of worship of other religions in the area. It’s common for Jewish community centers to team up on a variety of initiatives, but different religions can also collaborate on outreach and charitable causes.

We work with Muslim, Christian, Mormon, and Buddhist houses of worships in the area to improve our community. While our religions may be different, our commitment to the community is the same. Regardless of what you worship, we can still have constructive and positive relations that improve the conditions around us.

This is especially important in the current age, where interfaith relationships are on the rise. Years and years ago, the prospect of interfaith marriage may have been less common, but now different religions don’t often deter people from entering into a serious relationship. We want to accommodate our worshipers who may have married into a family that has a different faith than they do. We can help interfaith couples navigate their unique challenges and connect with the religious community at large.

Keep an eye on our website for more info about our interfaith outreach efforts and events. And if you would like to get involved, let us know. We’d love to help people of all religious backgrounds come together and celebrate their faith!

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