Rosh HaShanah Reflection

By Jack Tepper

A couple weeks ago the rabbis came up to me and asked me to answer the question, “what Jewish wisdom would help me ring in the New Year.” Now, I had some ideas on how to answer this. But, first I had to answer and ask myself, “What is Jewish wisdom?” So I went searching. I asked myself, my parents, and finally I asked Google. 

And, after many days, of trying to figure out what I wanted to speak about, I came across a quote. This quote was from world famous Jew, Jerry Seinfeld. He says, ” the greatest Jewish tradition is to laugh. the cornerstone of Jewish survival has always been to find humor in life and in ourselves”. Now, I known there is not a book of jokes in the Torah. But, laughter is truly a Jewish tradition that gets me through the year.

I love the time of a year when I’m sitting down with my family, and laughing over great food at the Passover Seder, Musical Menorah, or soon to be breaking fast on Yom Kippur. I mean, we even have sabbath at the end of every week so we can spend time reflecting, being thankful and laughing at the dinner table with our family. I truly feel that laughter is a tool that brings our Jewish communities and families together. But, that’s not the only way that laughter can help us to sustain ourselves this year.

Laughter can help us be less insecure. It helps us get us through that tough week. Laughter helps us truly have that ZFL that zest for list. So, even though Jerry Seinfeld isn’t a rabbi, and laughter isn’t an official piece of Jewish wisdom. It is still a part of Jewish tradition that helps me bring not only myself, but also my community, through the year a little more smoothly. I guess, they do say laughter truly is the best medicine. That is if you’re not counting a bowl of Matzo ball soup from Manny’s deli. 

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