The Environment

Chicago Sinai Congregation is committed to Fighting Climate Change. Help us to project our beautiful planet for us and future generations by participating with the Environment Committee.

In the past year, we’ve:

Hosted A Make Yourself More where speakers from two prominent Chicagoland environmental organizations, “Mom’s Clean Air Force” and “Faith in Place”, provided practical expertise to our congregation members, on how we can reduce our carbon foot print and fight climate change, as individuals, in our communities, and at Chicago Sinai

Worked with Sinai’s Board of Trustees, motivated by our Jewish faith and following the lead of URJ’s environmental resolutions, unanimously passed a Climate Change Resolution, supporting carbon pricing and other important climate change legislation by Congress in Washington, D.C. The effects of such action would minimize climate Change, and its devastating consequences, by drastically reducing fossil fuel emissions. Sinai join hands with Jewish congregations and also Muslim, Christian, and other religious congregations and organizations in an interfaith effort to fight global warming.

Are currently exploring ways of joining other religious organizations in an effort to protect our planet’s environment. One initiative currently being considered is getting our synagogue “environmentally certified” through the national organization, Green Faith, that would involve an 18 month process. Another initiative involves developing relationships with environment groups from other congregations in order to combine resources and strengthen our voice.

For more information, contact Norm Kravitz or Susan Stone.

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