A Commitment To Justice and Activism


Our congregation, after considering our social justice action priorities and Board review, may take positions on current critical public policy issues, including ballot initiatives and legislation, participate in public education campaigns, join coalitions, and meet with elected officials.

Current advocacy efforts include:

Education and Poverty

Our current education and poverty partnerships include:


God saw all that God had made, and found it very good

Genesis 1:31

Over the past few years, the Chicago Sinai Environment Committee has sponsored a wide variety of activities to reduce Sinai’s environmental footprint and educate its membership. Some of its accomplishments:

  • Working with Sinai staff to reduce the amount of supplies consumed, to purchase products with recycled content, and to use green cleaning products wherever possible
  • Commissioning an analysis of Sinai’s energy bills and ensuring that our building’s lighting technologies are as efficient as possible
  • Sponsoring an outstanding adult education program on water with an overview of its religious significance and a presentation by a Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District on local water and wastewater issues.


Sinai has had a long-standing commitment to support mental health initiatives. A decade-long advocacy initiative, supported by Chicago Sinai since 2009, came to fruition October 29, 2014 with the opening of The Kedzie Center—Chicago’s first community-funded public mental health center located at 4141 N. Kedzie.

Since its opening in October 2014, The Kedzie Center has impacted the lives of over 500 people:

  • More than 700 therapy sessions have been provided
  • 250+ teachers and staff received training
  • 36 women participated in women’s groups
  • 47 people joined parenting groups,
  • And 39 older adults engaged in outreach programs to seniors. I want to learn more

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