Learning in the Loop Turns Three

Three means prophesy … and prophets

  • Some attend as an office break – and to learn from Rabbi Limmer.
  • Others find great resonance in sharing life-affecting matters with Sinai learners.
  • And still others enjoy meeting previously-unknown-to-them congregation members.

“To me, the most memorable session last year [about the Mishnah] touched on certain prohibitions at certain times of the year,” explains Jan Stone. “It triggered some family history – a great- grandfather who was successfully defended in a court action about Jewish law prohibiting marriage ceremonies on Yom Kippur.”

Roberta Evans expands that to include the whole Mishnah: “It’s important that many issues still resonate with us today, hundreds of years later.”

And the topic of marriage also encourages Merry Beth Kowalczyk to reflect on her learnings: “Since readings were grounded in a gender-based society, understanding why women couldn’t be rabbis, count toward a minyan, or sit with men at services was important. I’m just grateful times have changed!”

Beginning on September’s first Tuesday (and then every month throughout the year), the subject of the 2017-18 Learning in the Loop will be prophets and prophesy, touching on well-known figures like Jeremiah as well as lesser-known characters such as Micah and Zechariah. “The whole genre,” says Rabbi Seth Limmer, “helps us understand where we as Reform Jewish congregants come from – and particularly our heritage at Sinai. It’s a genre that speaks to today: protest, challenging leaders, and changing societal practices.”

No homework, stresses Rabbi Limmer; readings are reviewed in class. Remember to bring a lunch, and mark calendars for 11:30 am at Jenner & Block (drinks and cookies are provided). Just contact Emily in advance so the building’s security is alerted.

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