RefugeeOne & Refugee/Immigration Activities

Sinai Congregation strives to imporve the quality of life of refugees in Chicago by partnering with Refugee One.  We are committed to help refugees become independent, self-supporting members of their new Chicago community. It is an opportunity to truly live the words of our faith, 

"You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt." Deuteronomy 10:19

We have joined with RefugeeOne, a non-profit refugee resettlement agency that provides services to refugees and to volunteers. Every year, RefugeeOne assists over 2,500 refugees of all ages, ethnic groups, faiths, and backgrounds.

The need is great and there are many opportunities to help.

Sinai's First  Sponsored Refugee Family

In early June, a Syrian Kurdish family arrived at O’Hare after a long harrowing journey. They were immediately welcomed by Sinai families with banners and hugs. Sinai volunteers had earlier in the week filled an apartment with life’s necessities from laundry soap to linens, plates to pillows. Sinai volunteers drove the family of seven to their new home and celebrated with a dinner prepared just before their arrival.

Opportunities to be a mentor

Sinai volunteers visit the family regularly, acting as mentors in their transition to Chicago. This has included showing the teen aged boy how to get to his summer program, setting up the cable television, inviting the refugee family to join Sinai families on picnics and introducing them to the sights of Chicago. And there is so much more to lean about life in Chicago…consider becoming a mentor.

Opportunities to be a tutor

Sinai volunteers also help tutor English twice a week. No experience is needed since we have textbooks and teaching manuals. The family arrived with little to no English language ability. In fact, they had limited formal education and most cannot write in their native language. The focus of our language effort is on the older members of the family, two children over 18, and the parents. While the family members study English at RefugeeOne, additional help is needed …consider becoming a tutor.

Opportunities to provide financial support

On-going financial support is needed to continue to help our sponsored family. They will need new winter clothes and warm blankets for the upcoming Chicago winter. We also use resources to buy books, fund activities and add to household items.  

Other RefugeeOne Activities

RefugeeOne has a regular calendar of donation drives which Sinai has and will continue to participate in. These include collection of clothes, household items, and school supplies. Please join us when these events are scheduled.

Whether you’re looking for a regular volunteer opportunity, just have time occasionally, or want to donate goods or funds, there are many ways for you to support Sinai’s efforts at RefugeeOne and the refugee/immigrant communities. Contact Ann Fox at

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