Religious School Curriculum

Our Curriculum is Relevant and Engaging

General concepts emphasized in our curriculum:

  • Our Temple relationships help connect us to the larger Jewish community.
  • We are Jewish at home and at the Temple.
  • Learning is best when it is experienced.
  • We observe Jewish holidays at home and at the Temple.
  • Judaism has a rich culture with lessons that are relevant for today.
  • Each family is unique and can choose what holiday(s) and/or lifecycle(s) are celebrated and in what way(s).
  • Some Jewish teachings can serve as a guide for values clarification.
  • Ritual is not the only way to observe Judaism. Actions such as mitzvot and tzedakah are important.
  • Our religious expression emphasizes our similarities and unity with humanity.

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An introduction to God, Torah, Tzedakah and holidays with emphasis on Creation and Shabbat. Music movement, and basic prayers will also be included.
Grade 1
Jewish Symbols, Holidays and Tzedakah.
Grade 2
Ten Commandments, Jewish Family (including biblical Jewish families).
Grade 3
Jewish Lifecycles, Here I am: Jewish Journals
Grade 4
Prophets and Writings, You Be the Judge: A collection of ethical cases and Jewish answers.
Grade 5
A Survey of Jewish History (Biblical time through 19th century), You Be the Judge II: A collection of ethical cases and Jewish answers.
Grade 6
Jews in American History, The Content of their Character: Ethical Vignettes
Grade 7
Jewish Values/Judaism and Urban Poverty, The Holocaust
Grade 8
Comparative Religion: Exploring all facets of Judaism and other Religions, Modern Israel
Theology: Exploring our own concept of God. Making Tough Choices: The “Jewish response” to the many complext moral issues that face us today.

Jewish Lifecycles:  3rd Grade Wedding


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