Jewish Education & Learning:  Make Yourself More

Join us at 10:30 on Sunday mornings at Sinai for a varied set of topics which focus on being connected, effective and aware.  Cafe Sinai at 10 a.m. ~  Our Make Yourself More programming begin at 10:30 a.m.

  • Make Yourself More Connected to yourself, your community and God.
  • Make Yourself More Effective in making the world a better place.
  • Make Yourself More Aware about Judaism and the issues that affect your family and the world.  



Sunday, March 18 Music and Worship at Sinai - Back by popular demand! Join Sinai’s Director of Music, Scott Kumer, to learn more about Sinai’s liturgy and musical tradition.
Sunday, March 25 Social Action. The Chicago Sinai Environment Committee invites all green thumbs and outdoorsy types to our Make Yourself More session. Join us to learn about the October 2018 3 day clean energy symposium and about the exciting urban garden project at Stone Temple in North Lawndale.
Sunday, April 15 Hot Topics with the Rabbis: Join a conversation with our Rabbis and discuss some of today’s hot topics. Learn rabbinic and modern day interpretations on issues we are dealing with in today’s society.
Sunday, April 22  Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation - Tazria-Mezora: Rumors Spread by Our Chattering Minds: The Rabbis compare the contagion of leprosy to the infectious nature of gossip spreading rapidly through a community. Similarly, our human brains are constantly racing, theorizing, and bringing up unrelated memories. Reality is sometimes obscured by our overactive imaginations. With practice, we can learn not to believe everything our subconscious tells us, and recognize the truth of the moment.

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