Jewish Education & Learning:  Make Yourself More

Join us at 10:30 on Sunday mornings at Sinai for a varied set of topics which focus on being connected, effective and aware.  Cafe Sinai at 10 a.m. ~  Our Make Yourself More programming begin at 10:30 a.m.

  • Make Yourself More Connected to yourself, your community and God.
  • Make Yourself More Effective in making the world a better place.
  • Make Yourself More Aware about Judaism and the issues that affect your family and the world.  



Sunday, October 15
Kickoff to Make Yourself More program year. Join us and learn more about what’s in store for the 2017-2018 year!
Sunday, October 22
Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation - Noach: Surviving the Flood: Creating Spaciousness and Ease in Difficult Times: How do we stay afloat when we feel we are sinking? We will discuss the qualities of mind and heart that carry us through choppy seas. We will examine ways to find balance in the face of conflict and sail through the isolating and destabilizing pressures that threaten to capsize us.
Sunday, October 29
Sinai’s 20th Anniversary at Delaware Place - ACT. Join Rabbi Limmer in an exploration of Sinai’s history with Social Action and Justice.
Sunday, November 5
Sinai’s 20th Anniversary at Delaware Place – WORSHIP. Join Rabbi Limmer for a discussion about prayer at Sinai.
Sunday, November 12
Sinai’s 20th Anniversary at Delaware Place – LEARN. Join Rabbi Limmer for a dialogue about the history and future of learning at Sinai.
Sunday, November 19
NOTE: this class is from 10 – 11 am. Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation - Toledot / Roch Hodesh Kislev: Conflict, Pain, and the Path toward Inner Calm: In this class, we will read about Isaac, whose confusion at the end of his life sows conflict for generations to come. But the conflict between Esau and Jacob begins in the womb. In this class, we will open to the possibility that traits at war within each of us may actually be reconciled, resulting in greater peace and greater compassion.
Sunday, December 3
Social Action. Join members of our Social Action committee to learn about the work they are doing in our community.
Sunday, December 10
Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation – Vayeshev: Keeping Your Inner Light Burning: Chanukah and Inner Reserves: As the days darken, we read the story of how a small quantity of oil created a great quantity of light. In this session, we will seek to bring this image into our lives, so that we can share our light with others, while preserving our inner resources.
 Sunday, December 17 Hot Topics with the Rabbis: Join a conversation with our Rabbis and discuss some of today’s hot topics. Learn rabbinic and modern day interpretations on issues we are dealing with in today’s society.

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